Soccer Fun
Anytime and Everywhere
for the up-and-coming Soccer Stars
The loss of natural movement and lack of opportunities to develop social skills in everyday life require a new supportive and playful way that would allow the children to succeed in their life development and progress.
The "Soccer-Egg" contributes to these goals in a perfect way – Made in Germany and German TÜV approved!

With the Soccer-Egg we support you to easily make available the fascination of soccer, starting with children as young as kindergarten age.
To this end and for numerous other purposes, the Soccer-Egg is by far the best product on the market, consistently adapted to the needs of our little ones and those who guide and instruct them.
Give it a try!
What are the advantages of using the Soccer Egg?
There are a lot more ball contacts especially in comparison to a "cone zoned field", and an increased use of both the right foot and left foot.

Furthermore, Soccer-Egg users combine training of physical abilities (e.g. coordination skills, control of the ball) with much more fun and joy than before - that was the main purpose in developing the Soccer-Egg.
There are many different ways to use the Soccer-Egg for training, literally countless variations and combinations of practice exercises in the team training; we would welcome discussing them with you.
Different qualities of training plans are required for different age groups and for the various levels of skills already attained.
We develop and compile suggestions continuously.
Range of Applications
The Soccer-Egg offers children 3 to 12 years old and also older players the possibility of starting to play soccer early on as well as to improve their skills. The children can move freely inside the Soccer-Egg and learn how to handle the ball in an enclosed field. Whether in the garden, in the driveway, in a kindergarten, at school, with the team, in recreational facilities, e.g. public swimming pools areas or leisure and tourist centers, it provides a safe place for everybody dedicated to engage in sports. It opens the joy of movement to all ages. Indoors and Outdoors.
Flexible Configurations
The Soccer Egg was developed in Germany, the country of the current, four time World Soccer Champions (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014).
It was designed by Heinz Uhlenbrock, an enthusiastic and passionate soccer coach with decades of experience training young players.
He combined his sheer joy of developing new methods for educating talented people with his inventiveness and the desire for fine craftmanship. All his tremendous knowledge resulted in the unique Soccer Egg, the smartest Soccer Field Solution.
One special advantage of our Soccer Egg is that it can "grow" with the wishes, aims and requirements of its users. Thus, for example, a “Starting Kit Arena” can be transformed into a “Standard Medium Arena” simply by buying three more feet & board segments plus one more soccer goal.

The support structure of the Soccer Egg is made of aluminum, filled with a heavy iron core; the boards are made from Macrolon (4 mm thick). The soccer goals are made of aluminum too. All the single pieces are designed in a way that permits assembly and disassembly on site quickly and easily. No tools are required.
Our Soccer Egg has already been used successfully "in practice" … and the users were exuberant right from the start, as were the instructors.